October 17—December 17, 2023, Kyiv Biennial

We are happy to be one of the Kyiv Biennial venues.

Opening in our space is on Tuesday October 17, 4:00—8:00 pm

Anna Zilahi
Missa Echologica, 2021
HD video, 14’36’’

In a patch of forest, the actresses move, voices gather, embodying naturally occurring species: shells, minerals, plants, and animals. Bones, mud, algae, reeds. Much of it has passed – the chorus of a fading echo. The proclaimed word reverberates slowly. The video work Missa Echologica, created in collaboration with Laura Szári and the feminist choir Varsányi Szirének, deals with questions of vegetation in transition, of the Anthropocene in connection with feminist motifs. The starting point is the famous “Echo of Tihany”, an acoustic attraction on the peninsula of the same name on Lake Balaton, a popular vacation site and tourist hotspot, which over the course of time has been systematically bought up, rebuilt, cleared, and changed. Recently it has become a little quieter there, but the “echo” continues to have an impact as a cultural-historical artifact. The figures that appear in the many stories about it can be read as associations of certain constructions of femininity. The mythological tale of the poet János Garay, recounting how a herd of goats with golden hair was once driven to their death in Tihany, is also touched upon here. Successively, the voices in the video disappear, becoming an endless imitation of their surroundings. Destruction and oppression are rooted here side by side in the same image.

Anna Zilahi (born in 1990 in Pécs, Hungary) is a poet and transmedia artist. Her often participatory text- and soundbased works explore issues of ecofeminism and the dichotomy of nature and civilization. She is co founder of the artist group xtro.realm.

On view: 18.10.2023—17.12.2023
Opening hours: Wednesday—Sunday 12—6:00 pm
Free entrance