February 18—March 03, 2024, Ludwig Kittinger: The Bee, The Woodpecker and The Serpent

Honey can be identified as a symbol for embodying the dualities of today’s conditions: mortality and regeneration, hope and despair, industry and contemplation. It also reveals the market-based imperative of growth or death and our system to be fundamentally anti-ecological.

When personifying work tools, it may sometimes be a disquieting experience that the tools and materials exert their own reality and possess a vitality beyond the subject-object correlation, sometimes leading to an animistic condition. If things come in the mode of being at hand instead of being present, one can only use them by connecting with their autonomous tendency.

The discussion about what is fake or what is real is mostly cosmetic. Of concern are the symptoms of this debate and the circumstance of a collective acceptance of things that have gone wrong.

Born in Graz, Ludwig Kittinger works as a visual artist in Vienna and Hohenberg, and studied at Central Saint Martins College in London. He currently teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department of Sculpture and Space. Works/projects/lectures have been shown/held at following venues, amongst others:

Galerie Mezzanin Geneve, Galerija Flora Dubrovnik, Intsitute of Contemporary Art Yerevan, Skulpturinstitut Vienna, Efes42 Linz, Artist Lecture Series Vienna, EXPO Chicago, Belvedere 21 Vienna, Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna Prague, Press To Exit Skopje, Art Review Live London, NTK Gallery Prague, Kunstverein Ve.Sch, European Cultural Capital Wroclaw 2016,  Belgium Centre d árt Contemporain Charleroi, Revue Noire Paris, Chambre de Commerce Antananarivo, International Sinop Biennale.

Opening: Saturday, February 17, 6 pm
On view: February 18—March 3, 2024