14.02 – 11.04.2020
Durch das Raue zu den Sternen, Galerie 5020, Salzburg, AT
with Peter Fritzenwallner

Opening: Friday 14. Februar, 7 pm

St. Valentine’s Day DJ-Set by Low Profiler aka Didi Neidhart.

With Peter Fritzenwallner, Diana Barbosa Gil, Gruppe 19, Ulrike Lienbacher, Anna-Sofie Lugmeier, David Moises, Wolfgang Obermair, Beate Ronacher, Christian Schwarzwald, Christian Zwerschina

"Through the Rough to the Stars" opens the exhibition year 2020 with a rich and refreshing variety of punch lines. Irony meanders through the group exhibition like rhizomes around the tree of knowledge. This seems irritating, if not subversive, in view of cross-societal rationalization and optimization tendencies! The artists look at the factor of the amateurish versus all necessary professionalities and professionalizations and at the same time critically examine in detail everyday-established, anticipated functions and modes of operation of seemingly banal or hopelessly overestimated objects. A hiatus between the possible and the real as a leitmotif for a new look at the known. Instead of (mere) scientific knowledge development, new forms of reality relation unfold; terra incognita, the unknown, a still undescribed universe beyond described boundaries and inscribed possibilities.

Text: Reflay - Raffael Hiden & Karin Scaria-Braunstein
Curated by Peter Fritzenwallner & Karolina Radenkovic

Galerie 5020

Wolfgang Obermair / Große Sperlgasse 12/5 / 1020 Vienna / Austria