Drawing Attributes, CSA-Space, Vancouver, CA

Opening Reception: Thursday Dec 15th, 6-9pm

CSA Space, 2414 Main St, Vancouver, BC

At the invitation of CSA, the “See you next Thursday” collective behind the Schneiderei exhibition space in Vienna Austria will create a collaborative exhibition with works that deliberately provoke the security of their individual practices. Artists in the project include Abdul Sharif Baruwa, Johann Groebner, Lia Karl, Bina Klingler, Vasco Costa, Fernando Mesquita, Wolfgang Obermair, Lisa Ruyter, and a number of other collaborators.
The organizing narrative of “Drawing Attributes” is about trans-identities, and the contradictions in how these identities function in different locations. “Drawing” and “Attributes” here are both meant to have multiple meanings. Drawing can be creating and research, as in an individual practice, and at the same time drawing forth an engagement with an audience or bringing another artist or individual into the conversation. Attributes are the stuff of identity, the things that we adopt as guidelines for our own movements in life as well as those imposed on us by others (and ourselves) due to the color of our skin, our language, our sexual orientation or our residency status and nationality.
In the background is the rapidly changing environment of cultural politics, from both a Canadian and European point of view. A series of crises are transforming global and local political identities, allowing opportunists both left and right to dig in on their positions. There are a growing number of people who do not fall into easily attributive categories of race, gender and statehood that represent a new global reality and highlight a need to create a new language of accommodation that is being met with frightening nationalistic tendencies instead.
Schneiderei is an art space that is dedicated to supporting cooperative artistic methods in the context of the Vienna art scene.

CSA Space



DRAWING ATTRIBUTES, exhibtion view, 2016/2017

laser prints, clay,
220 x 100 cm
in collaboration with Vasco Costa, 2016

Wolfgang Obermair / Große Sperlgasse 12/5 / 1020 Vienna / Austria