14 September 2023
Open Studio, The Artist Residence Herzliya, IL

Opening, 14.09.2023, 7 pm

During his three-month residency at The Artists’ Residence Herzliya, Wolfgang conducted various artistic experiments with photography, drawing, 3D printing and electroplating. He responded to his surroundings and the social and political context with his creative practice.

The Artist Residence Herzliya

Where did we go wrong?

Zex Shluflod Knubs
6 cooper plated drawer knobs

After moving into Studio 1 at The Artist Residence Herzliya, I made some improvements to the kitchen. Half of the drawer knobs were missing, so I replaced them with handy knobs covered with a copper surface using a galvanic process. This upgrade will be appreciated by everyone who uses the kitchen after me. In memory of the protests in Israel during the summer of 2023, I named each knob after one of the political leaders of the coalition. The Yiddish title of the work, ‘Zex Shluflod Knubs,’ expresses that politics should serve the people. Now, every time I open one of its closet doors, I am reminded of this message. I consider this work a general gesture of care-taking and applied politics and perhaps also as a monument for the current political situation.

Wolfgang Obermair / Große Sperlgasse 12/5 / 1020 Vienna / Austria