26.08-04.09, Last Orders, Schneiderei, Vienna, AT

Wolfgang Obermair, Schneiderei late night format, pt. 1 – pt.10

26.08.12 – 04.09.12
from 11.55 pm – 03.00 am

Collaborations with: Fernado Mesquita, Bina Klinger, Cornelia Auinger

During 10 nights there will be spontaneous works and interventions in the unsettled space of the Schneiderei. Only visible from the outside, the enlighted gallery is adressing to the visitors of the „New Bar“ on their way back home. In passing by the casual situation is meant to trigger and slightly shift artistic perception.

As before in the exhibition series UP AND DOWN, SINGLE UNIT HUNTER STYLE and THE QUIET MIDDLE BODY – together with the Portuguese Residency Artist Vasco Costa in July – in LAST ORDERS Wolfgang Obermair want to sound out possibilities of artistic collaboration and to pursue an artistic approach which sees itself as a shaping work on the Schneiderei.

During the first night, on sunday 26th at 11.30 pm, additionaly the music film SPACE IS THE PLACE by Sun Ra (1974) will be show in the „New Bar“.

>>>See you next thursday

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