26.06-19.07, Filmteich, Vesch, Vienna, AT

Opening: Thursday, 25th June 2015, 7pm

Schikanedergasse 11
A-1040 Vienna

Filmteich by Wolfgang Obermair

Filmteich (“film lake”) is a place in Vienna, which is defined historically and geographically. Filmteich due to its local characteristics and its naming, contains the potential to create fiction. Filmteich therefore is also the name of an imaginary space of production. In this sense Filmteich becomes a place for the future in reverse and an occult invocation of intimacy and community.

„Some artists see an infinite number of movies. […] Artists that like Horror tend toward the emotive, while artists who like Sci-fic tend toward the perceptive.“
Robert Smithson, Entropy And The New Monuments, 1966


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