25.03, Journal of (Dis)Satisfactions, Gallery Baumana, Prag, CZ

a project by Nataša Bodrožić and Ludwig Kittinger with

Johann Groebner, Katharina Stadler, Darko Aleksovski, Ana Vuzdaric, Daniel Oliver Tucker, Charlotte Bank, Davor Konjikusic, Sasa Simpraga, Ronald Zechner, Alastair Levy, Fabian Bechtle, Igor Bezinovic, Hannes Zebedin, Fernando Mesquita, Andrea Palasti, Axel Koschier, Dino Zrnec, Sophie Thun, Filip Jovanovski,Taguhi Torosyan, Thea Moeller, Alicja Rogalska, Ana de Almeida, Jakub Vrba,Wolfgang Obermair , Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Martin Vesely, Danilo Prnjat, Lukas Heistinger, Milan Kohout, Marketa Hlinovska, Milan Kozelka, Martin Hotter, Nvard Yerkanian, Tea Hatadi, Dorota Walentynowicz, Etienne de France, Zeljko Blace, Darina Alster, J. J. Sterec, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Michal Mánek

On the occasion of the exhibition in Prague at Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna at the end of March 2014 , we address all interested colleagues to join the attempt to articulate our principal (dis)satisfactions coming out from our status of cultural workers/producers of cultural contents today, in the form of a short declaration, text, image, whatever you find appropriate. Please consider to send what you already have written/done or contribute with the most simple gesture, text, image. The idea is NOT to burden anyone with extra (unpayed) work, but still to gather possible contributions to draw a sketch of where we are standing right now as art workers and what is to be done, if anything.. We would like to exhibit a map of reasons why are we doing what we are doing (as producers of art/disseminators of culture) and what is bothering us, once again.

>>>Galerie Ferdinanda Baumana

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