November 03—06, 2022, All witches are taught to believe in signs

Karin Hatwagner and Julia Zastava in Dialogue

We are pleased to invite you to our presentation at the Others Art Fair in Torino.

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Hatwagner and Zastava are female artists of different generations. They are united in their search for an intangible Other beyond the objectiveness of things but choose very different ways. Hatwagner is inspired by everyday situations and materials. Her practice reminds one of a miracle when thrown away becomes precious through rearrangement and reevaluation. In her works, fragile and accidental appears in the surprising beauty uncovered by the artist. On the opposite, Zastava, who is much younger, experiments with new materials and creates settings full of imagery between pop and internet culture. In her installations and drawings, she uses surrealistic strategies of combining elements of various origins. Presented in the vicinity of each other, childhood memories and unconscious anxieties transfer a feeling of uncanny. The whole scene reminds on a stage of a strange play. And indeed, quite often Zastavas work can be seen within a collective praxis embedded into the theatre. Like Hatwager, she sees performance and collaborations as an extension of her creative spectrum. Both artists understand themselves as mediators between the worlds. Within a contemporary discourse, they stand for the continuity of faith in art and the magic behind things. They prove that art has no age.

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The Others Art Fair
3—6 November 2022
Torino Esposizioni, Pavilion 3
Entrance: Via Francesco Petrarca 39/B – 10126,

Opening hours:
3—4 November: 4—11 pm
5 November: 11 am—11 pm
6 November: 11 am—8 pm
The ticket office closes 45 minutes before the public closing timesupported by: