June 26—July 10, 2022, Made in China, Washing and Drinking

Made in China invites you to attend our happening Washing and Drinking. Exhibition will take place in hoast artistrun space Vienna during the Independent Space Index Festival between June 24th to June 27th. Come and enjoy, as the mildest form of alcoholism meets the mildest form of masochism, with amateur cocktail enthusiasts Viktor, Jara and Marko and washing artisans Vasja and Žiga.

Bring ONE OR MORE PIECES OF DIRTY LAUNDRY with you, which we will wash / turn into a work of art before your eyes!

We will perform on Friday 7—10 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 3—6 pm.

Music by: Tehno Muda

Come with us!!!



»In ancient Rome laundry was a man’s job. The doors of the fullonica.«

A lot of people try to convey a message in their work, but these Slovenian artisans are not really interested in that as much. They are washing clothes, mixing and drinking cocktails – contemporary, fresh cocktails, and they can make white and bright skirts and shirts too. No. They didn’t just look at the growing trend of adult coloring books to come up with something new! They are the device that connects you to a washing machine and leaves you to innovative, new way of enjoying art. Their cleaning solutions are designed with art beginners in mind. Hang the “art” up in your ass clothes and you’ll find yourself sipping botanical cocktails while sitting in your underwear, relaxing and glaring proudly at these Slovenian artisans at the Viennese exhibition! People stared longingly into gallery windows where curator’s clothes hung drying.Tourists crowded around exhibits trying to take pictures. Cocktails spilled everywhere. Drinks flowed freely. Let’s combine this summer with the tropical feeling and enjoy an evening on a boat sipping slovenian cocktails. We are specialized in drinking cocktails, listening to live bands, taking a small boat trip, grabbing paper tissue and while you draw up your award winning idea. All you want to know is that this is art. Contemporary art. Clean art. Fresh art.




If you’re not sure how art can be, we don’t blame you. But no big deal. You will see when you buy a new exhibition of contemporary Slovenian artisans in Vienna, which is happening!

In collaboration with GTP-b

Made in China is art project that promotes consumption of Art by GalerijaGallery.
Made in China uses art multiples as a tool to create situations, performances and interventions in public spaces and in “spaces” of economy.
Made in China are / is Viktor Bernik, Vasja Cenčič, Marko Damiš, Žiga Kariž and Jara Vogrič


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