Februar 1—16, 2020, Natalia Gurova: A little yellower than snow, a little brighter than old curtains

We are pleased to invite you to the exhibition by Natalia Gurova “A little yellower than snow, a little brighter than old curtains”. She presents new sculptures, prints and poems.

Opening: Friday: 31. January, 7 pm.
Closing Event: 16. Februar 2 – 6 pm

Transforming one into another is a rather odd task, but memory is continuously engaged in it.
Do you remember those grey lines on the ceiling, reminiscent of either someone’s jacket, or a fence, or the rays of the sun? They were out every morning on Sundays. But you could remember something else, for example, the headline of a newspaper or the most popular phrase of the time, or something else, but you remember just that. Memory archives are constantly growing in full extend and erasing the oldest files. It seems that there are a lot of them, it is worth only touching. But you reach for one to open, it immediately disappears.
Therefore, at some point, you have to draw out the very same photo, screw the whole building to it, and bind a shadow to it, then detach a piece of wallpaper, look for a glass from another time and start to grow a story from it.
In a word, everything is not easy, but there’s no other way of putting it; otherwise, you have to forget everything.

Natalia Gurova found and made elements such as structural parts, surfaces, cloth and arranged them in one of the possible storylines. It leads to the autobiographical presentation of the artist’s personal archive. In this manner, materials and objects reveal historical and cultural references.

Natalia Gurova (RU) currently studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Julian Göthe), studied at the University of Applied Arts (Paul Petritsch), and received her MA in Journalism from Moscow State University. Selected exhibitions include das Weisse Haus, Kunstraum Delikatessenhaus (GE), MAK, Improper Walls, Kaeschmaesch, Kunstraum SUPER.