May 28—30, 2021, Hybrid Art Fair, Madrid

Gabriele Edlbauer / Julia Goodman

Curated by hoast
with works by Gabriele Edlbauer / Julia Goodman, Peter Fritzenwallner / Wolfgang Obermair, Marlene Hausegger, Leopold Kessler, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair

At the Hybrid Art Fair, hoast shows an arrangement of originally site-specific works by Austria based artists who work on the interface between society and art, and were part of hoast‘s program in recent years. The pieces share latent humour and a sense of the grotesque.
With a little help from my friends is Marlene Hausegger‘s tribute to Antonio Gramsci. The work was originally a performance, staged as a dialogue with the Viennese writer and Gramsci-specialist Erwin Riess in the Vienna woods. Hausegger plays with storytelling and social conditions through different media including drawings, objects and installations.
The series Blind Spot, by artists Gabriele Edlbauer and Julia Goodman, consists of sculptural renderings of automotive side mirrors. The objects are made from acrylic resin and hold oil paintings on glass, offering a brief retrospective glimpse towards an apocalyptic scene, viewed from the driver’s seat.
Peter Fritzenwallner and Wolfgang Obermair have been working together during the last two years on performance, sculpture, and video projects. Their work is an eclectic and theatrical approach to the global crisis.
Leopold Kessler’s interventions into public space are conceptual and subversive gestures. In Reconstruction/Volkertplatz the artist reconstructed and repositioned the missing section of graffiti destroyed by an ATM machine.
Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair‘s practice is multidisciplinary. Her work deals with processes of abstraction, while being at the same time strongly oriented towards the concrete, towards everyday situations, historical contexts, and source material.

The presentation is kindly supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Image: Gabriele Edlbauer / Julia Goodman from the series Blind Spot

May 28—30 2021
Hotel Riu Plaza España
Room 602