May 27, 2017, hoast flea market—funding for art projects

Garage sale to support the named future art projects of the following artists:

Gleb Amankulov:
Print screening and painting on the series of objects

Sasha Auerbakh:
Sculptures with epoxy resin

Pauline Ben:
Support of a fashion label

Nika Kupyrova:
Print series featuring all the names of AI spaceships from the Ian M. Banks ‘Culture’ novels

Masha Dabelka:
Website for the project “Music on Ribs”

Natalia Nitzberg:
Grant for the translator Alexander Nitzberg

Ella Opalnaja:
Museum “Sovjet Objects”

Wolfgang Obermair:
Travel support and exhibition for the portuguese artist Vasco Costa in Vienna

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair:
Exhibition project: Mein Name ist Hase

Bohdan Shutka:
Sound recording for a CD with bandura music

Julia Zastava:
Series of drawings: There is someone sitting on me, too