June 15, 2018, Gjorgje Jovanovik: Chocolate drops

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition by the Macedonian artist Gjorgje Jovanovik on Friday,  June 15, 2018, 7pm.

Gjorgje Jovanovik will present selection of collages, photography’s, drawings and video that he have worked over the past decade and in which he focuses on the last decade of the ruling of the rightwing regime in Macedonia. In his works he is trying to confront one situation where the concept of the ruling party was intended not only by media and ideological propaganda to overlap the critical and free thought and attitudes but also to impose and penetrate into every pore of society. 


Gjorgje Jovanovik (1980)

In his recent work, the question of the integration and disintegration of the contemporary man has been his preoccupation. He re-examine interpersonal communication in the context of the general situation of redefining universal values, man-society relations, and consumerism as a key factor of modern life style, politics as a factor of disintegration of the cities, states, and families…

He has realized several solo exhibitions including: Radio Free Skopje, internet radio project, (CAC Gallery, Skopje, 2015) Invention for You Wonderful People!,  (Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, 2014), The Confession of a Cake Monster, (Studio Golo brdo, Rovinj, 2013), Fragmented Archive of the Artist from the Country in Transition, (MC Gallery, New York, 2010), It’s Complicated, (Gallery Centrum, Graz, 2010), An Off-Day for Mister Euzebio, Skopje, 2008) The Walk of Mister Chenk Through the Divided Continent, (Skopje, 2005) ctr.
He is an author of the following performances:
The Confession of a Cake Monster performed in New York, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Prishtina, Rovinj and Skopje 2008-2013), The Recession of the New Year’s Eve (Skopje, 2008), The Depression of the New Year’s Eve (Skopje, 2005), Sales-man of Male Tear (Skopje, 2006) ctr.

Selected group exhibitions: All That We Have in Common, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, SKG Bridges, Center for Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2018) Linear drawing, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, PONOVO UPOTREBITI: PAST AS COSTUME OR INSPIRATION, Zacheta project space, Warsaw, (2017), Archives of violence’s, CRIC – festival of critical culture, National gallery of Macedonia, Cifte Amam, Skopje, Poetika, DadaEast, The Cloud, Tirana, Art in Public Spaces- MitOst, Cluj, (2016), The Essence of Existence, Lauba Gallery, Zagreb , Where (Not) to Go, MC Gallery, New York, Nationless, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Utopia = No Place or Good Place, National gallery of Macedonia, Skopje, (2015), Balkon zum Balkan, Stadlishe kunsthaus Baden Baden, Vienna Independent Shorts, Stadtkino -Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Skopje, Solidarity- Unfinished Project, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, (2014), Balkan?, Oslo 10 (Projektarium IAAB), Basel, Participation-Participatory Practices as Artistic Strategy, Tirana Express, Tirana , Ex-Ordinary, Collegium artisticum, Sarajevo, U10, Belgrade, Perjanicki Dom, Podgorica, Reinventing Bridges, Terasa Cărturești, Bucharest, (2013), Where (not) to go, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, (2012), Re-locate , Rumeli Han, Istanbul, (parallel event of the 12th Istanbul  Biennial, Shelter , Shelter Island, Hamptons, (2011), 255.804 km2 , Hilger Brot Kunst halle, Vienna, 4th Performance festival, Mahmud Moktarh Cultural Center, Cairo, (2010) Cataclysm and Creativity: Art in an Age of Uncertainty , Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Weil gallery, Corpus Christi, (2007) ctr.
He has participated on several residency programs: 2013-
IAAB-Basel ,TICA- Tirana Institute for Contemporary Art, 2012- Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, 2011- Watermill Centre, Long Island, New York and Apartment project, Istanbul, 2010- ISCP, New York and in Graz as a fellow of the program of the Cultural City Network.

Selected Workshops and conferences: Arts Forum Marrakesh: Art, Public Space + Closing Societies, Marrakesh, (2017), Battlefield Culture conference, Sarajevo, ( 2016), Summer School of Engaged Art, Berlin, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, (2015) Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Crisis? , workshop, Athens, (2011), DESCHOOLING CLASSROOM (o^o), [Self-education in the arts and culture] project, organised by TkH (Walking Theory) Belgrade in partnership with Kontrapunkt, Skopje (2009/10), Real Presence Floating Sites, workshop as a part of the 51 Venice Biennale, Venice, Speak Up, workshop, KUVA Akademie Helsinki, (2005).

For his practice, he has been awarded with the Award for young visual artist Denes in 2009 the award for video at the international festival Alternative Film/Video in Belgrade in 2009, special award at the Akto Festival in Bitola, in 2012 and the award of the 10 Biennial of Young Artist organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art- Skopje in 2013.