The Demoniacs (R: Scott Clifford Evans, Austria, 2023)

The Order of the Angels, residing in an ominous countryside cloister, are charged with a dark and secret duty. Sister Jodie (Nora Jacobs) arrives to find the order in the midst of turmoil: the nuns are hearing strange sounds in the middle of the night and one of their number has gone missing. As the sisters begin to experience cases of demonic possession, it is up to Jodie and her new friend, Sister Salka (Katharina Maria Trenk), to discover the source of these unnatural occurrences…even if it means staring into the very face of hell.


Cast: Thomas Brandstätter Sarah Eder Mia Eidlhuber Wolfgang Gantner Tina Grassegger Nora Jacobs Ali Janka Anna Jermolaewa Alexandra Kahl Kris Lemsalu Johanna Liska Felizitas Moroder Marlene Nowotny Michele Pagel Atte Penttinen Katrin Plavcak Florian Reither Gundula Reither Katarina Maria Trenk Salvatore Viviano Elisabeth Weber CREW Directors of Photography Dominik Spritzendorfer Simon Brugner Set Design Sarah Eder Scott Clifford EvansAlexandra Kahl Markus Krottendorfer Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair Lighting Design Markus Krottendorfer Sound Tech Ray Montana Music Chris Janka Jenya Kukoverov Philipp Quehenberger Art Directors Scott Clifford Evans Markus Krottendorfer Wardrobe Wiener Times (Johannes Schweiger & Susie Schneider) Makeup Kris Lemsalu Marlene Nowotny Atte Penttinen Production Assistants Sarah Eder Tina Grassegger Alexandra Kahl David Kapl Johanna Liska Lighting Techs Markus Krottendorfer Julius Zeitlmann Sound Editor Chris Janka Sound Mix Chris Janka Sound Design Chris Janka Color Grading Kaur Hendrikson Special Effects David Kapl Props Sarah Eder Alexandra Kahl David Kapl Clappers Sarah Eder Alexandra Kahl Catering Brigitte Huck Sigi Huck Elisabeth Weber Stefan Weber Screenplay Scott Clifford Evans Film Editor Scott Clifford Evans Producers Miryam Charim Brigitte Huck Anna Jermolaewa Director Scott Clifford Evans



Photography by imon Brugner, Maria Ziegelböck, Anna Jermolaewa