Display Case, 2014
HD video, 11 min

The video was filmed at the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow in April 2014, during a pivotal moment in history characterized by the occupation of Crimea by the Russian military. The museum’s exhibition, mainly intended to encourage patriotic feeling, corresponded with the general athmosphere in Russia during this period and allowed its numerous visitors to be proud of the victories and valour of the Russian-Soviet Army. Only one display case, located in a space between the two main halls, was dedicated to the concentration camps as “one of the episodes” of “The Great Patriotic War”. The display highlighted two aspects in particlar: firstly, the inclusion of prisoners of war amongst the captives and secondly, the utilitarian use of human bodies for industry. The video work documents the various reactions of the visitors – mostly pupils – in front of this display case. Their vague historical knowledge opens a gap between the presented facts and the speechlessness of the adults.

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