Photography by Kunstraum SUPER / Rainer Stadlbauer

Reciprocal Relationship
One possible exhibition #2

Kunstraum SUPER
June 13–20, 2019

“Assumptions Must Not Necessarily Be Realistic as Long as They Result in the Right Predictions”, 2018, mixed media, 125 × 125 × 62 cm;
“The Beauty of the Constitution”, 2019, varnish on wood, blue lamp, dimensions variable (H: 120 cm);
“The Blue Wave”, 2019, gouache on wood, 40 × 40 cm.

In his essay “The Methodology of Positive Economics” from 1953, economist Milton Friedman proposed a controversial thesis: All assumptions underlying a model are always unrealistic since they can never coincide with the complexity of reality. He, therefore, pleads for controlled anti-realism and sees the way through abstraction as more efficient.
Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair declares an autonomous artwork to a model and examines its potential for further implementation. She uses the given setting as an occasion to think freely about the spatial-representational constellations. In her installation, the artist inverts proportions and shifts coordinate systems. The incidental becomes monumental, the surface condenses into a painting, and one everyday object is replaced by another. The relations between separate elements undergo a reinterpretation, making the entire exhibition space to appear model-like and integrating the viewer within it.

Photography by Kunstraum SUPER / Rainer Stadlbauer